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E-commerce Compliance

Your Business.

Feeling growing pains in your business? Our back office suite makes dealing with them easier than ever. Our managed solutions eliminate the hassles that come with rapid business growth.


When growing your business, there is no room for added stress. We manage phone orders, accounts payables and receivables, inventory management, and sales taxes: all so that you don’t need to worry.

A Suite That Grows
With You

As you continue to experience rapid growth, your needs will surely change. We keep that in mind every step of the way. We will become a key partner in your business, staying attuned to your business needs.

Make Online Selling

Selling online can be even more confusing, especially when calculating sales tax. We handle all of that for you. We deal with GST and PST filings for all provinces. Trusted by top E-commerce sellers in Canada.

A full back office to give you peace of mind and
let you focus on business growth.

Our mission is simple: to help businesses grow, without stressing about things like payroll, sales tax, or compliance. Let Main Street Management take care of the administrative tasks. This way, your business continues to grow, with as few bumps in the road as possible.

Through our network of business service providers, we create a custom service suite to solve your specific business problems. Then, we manage your entire service suite day to day. Growing your business has never been this easy..

Contact us to learn more what Main Street Management can do for you!

We offer a special back office suite for Amazon.ca and e-commerce sellers
including, administrative services, 
sales tax filing, and more!
Ask us about what we can do for your e-commerce business!


By using Main Street Management, I no longer have to work IN my business. Now, I can work ON my business. This has allowed my store to grow greater than ever before!

David A.

Thanks to Main Street Management,
I don’t have to worry about my books or my taxes! They make it so easy! My business continues to grow, and it’s all thanks to them!

Lisa F.

Before Main Street Management, I spent hours every day handling appointments, dealing with suppliers, and doing essential paperwork. Now, I can focus on working with my clients.

John S.

Savings Facts

  • 1 Instead of hiring an assistant or manager, using us allows you to usethe power of our entire back office suite…
  • 2 Complex software suites can cost thousands of dollars per month. We takecare of all that, while also handling the management side as well.
  • 3 Most importantly, we save you time that you can use to run your business.Now, you can grow smoothly with fewer bumps along the way.