About Main Street Management 

It all started with one simple, yet innovative idea…

We started our business with a single mission: to help businesses grow and prosper. We realized that many businesses don’t grow because so much time and so many resources are spent on tasks that don’t directly generate revenue.

We wanted to help business owners work less and earn more. The result: Main Street Management.

Main Street Management’s only job is to help businesses focus on growth and keep money working for the business. We keep businesses focused on growth by taking care of all the secondary business tasks, while the business focuses on doing what they do best.

Since we started, we’ve grown to work with many different types of clients. Local businesses, foreign importers, and e-commerce stores all benefit from our services. Your business will, too.

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We offer a special back office suite for Amazon.ca and E-commerce sellers
in Canada, including, administrative services, sales tax filing, and more!

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